Gwendoline Debono, A very long career in Radio in a very short time

Gwendoline Debono

Gwendoline returned to France and joined the company who had given her a start in radio, RTL. She continues to work for them on their international service and has covered some stories of extremely high note worldwide including the earthquake in Haiti, the war in Mali and more recently the war in Syria. In one report Gwendoline met with young jihadists from France and Belgium setting out for Syria. Here she discusses the experience on Europe 1



Along with her reporting on the conflicts in Israel and in the Gaza strip she has more recently reported from the conflict closer to home. Her reporting during the Charlie Hebdo and Terror attacks in Paris were not to be missed with her insights into conflicts around the world. Including a report from Iran and the current situation in the country


And now she is speaking at Radiodays and sharing with all participants how a very long career has happened in such a short time.

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