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Come join the discussion and start networking on Sunday and Monday at Radiodays Europe. We are bringing together delegates at a networking event before the main conference, to share ideas, share solutions and share experiences. How does it work? There will be 10 tables with 10 moderators and each moderator will have a topic (see below). Each participant will be asked to join a table (there will be limited spaces, first come first served). The groups will have 10 minutes to discuss a topic, as laid out by the moderator. The conversation will be free flowing guided by the moderator – no idea is a bad idea! After the 10-minute discussion, everyone will move to another table and do the whole thing again! All the delegates who attend will get the chance to join five or six tables during the afternoon. The whole event will take one hour. If you would like to join Fast and Curious please email:

Moderators & Topics:

To become a moderator please contact:

Moderators for Sunday 2017, 16.00-17.00:

1) Steve Ahern, Managing Director, Ahern Media & Training Pty Ltd and CEO, International Media & Broadcasting Academy, Australia

Topic: Social media… how should radio use it to best advantage?

2) Bernie O’Neill, Project Office Director, WorldDAB, UK

Topic: How can we make the radio world digital?

3) Juliette Nicholls, Imaging/S&P Producer – The Heart Network/ Heart Extra​, UK

Topic: Let’s talk spin-off brands. Are Heart 80’s, Mellow Magic and the like the way forwards?

4) Nick Dunkerley, Creative Director, Hindenburg 

Topic: Will Podcast kill the Radio Star?

5) Francis Currie, Partner, Francis Currie Consulting, UK

Topic: How do you build a brand on a budget?

6) Nick Piggott, RadioDNS, UK

Topic: How technology can make better radio

7) Nicklas Norden, Partner, Francis Currie Consulting, UK

Topic: Let’s discuss music testing

8) Daniel Anstandig, CEO, Futuri Media & Tracy Gilliam, SVP/Sales, Futuri Media 



Moderators for Monday 2017, 16.00-17.00:

1) Eleanor Mannion, Mobile Journalist, RTE, Ireland

Topic: MoJo and how it’s changing what we do

2) Noëlle Beyne, Project Manager NPO Campus & Timo Kamst – Education Manager NPO Campus, Netherlands

Topic: Scouting and training talent

3) George Butler, Marketing Executive, Radiocentre, UK

4) Chris Mottes, CEO, Hindenburg

Topic: How do you secure Public Service in the age of On-demand?

More Hosts & Topics TBC …

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