How to Catch the Money Fish

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The session Podcast and Monetisation brought to the stage the big question: how to make money from podcasting? 

Joe Copeman, Global SVP Sales at Acast, highlighted the need to see podcasts as a brand of their own. Podcasting isn’t just an independent project that results from our passion. 

Nowadays there is a lot of competition, with millions of podcasts being created all over the world. There are various podcasts with a strong audio and video component, scenarios and, naturally, a lot of preparation.

Sony Music has brought in podcasts, showing the music industry is interested in that format. The authors joined “as if they were artists signing for a label”, stated Jez Nelson, Co-Head Global Podcasts at Sony Music Entertainment. 

The speaker has shown how the business model has adapted rapidly, keeping up with the fast rhythm in which the podcasts evolve. Subscriptions are going to be very important in catching the money fish, says Nelson, explaining the importance of loyal listeners who are willing to pay for additional content.

With the idea of innovating the podcasting world in France, Gabrielle Boeri-Charles co-founded Binge Audio – now with over 2 million listeners. They wanted to build trust in not only the audio work, but also in the book industry. For that, they partnered with different authors to produce a premium product of their own – as the success Les Couilles sur la table has proved to be possible. 

Ruth Fitzsimons, Managing Director of Podfront UK, stated that the podcast world is seeing the surge of a new demographic of listeners – with Gen X, Boomers and Beyond joining the younger listeners of the format.  

 Written by: Michelle Coelho, Gonçalo Borbinha and Beatriz Figueira

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