New monetisation streams: Think outside of the box


“What happens when people aren’t watching the screen anymore? This is where audio comes in”.

In this session, Mario Cabañas, General Manager of Targetspot, gives us a rundown of new ideas to adapt advertising and create revenue. For starters, there have been developments in apps that convert text, such as news articles, to audio, without the need to record audio in studios.

Lately, some forms of content are being consumed in a more passive way. By enhancing the audio experience we can increase the revenue of video ads. In these cases, effectiveness is key, you have to get the point across in the first 5 seconds of the advertisement.

Mobile games are another example of a big business fighting to maintain sustainable revenue, and an area where we can gain insight to apply to radio. The association of audio and mobile gaming could help overcome some of the obstacles of advertising in this industry, finding a way not to interrupt user-experience while making sure that people recall what is being advertised. “For example, Facebook has been investing in VR devices where we can get this type of experience”, Mario Cabañas reinforces, “audio is going to be at the center of it”.


Written by: Artyom Laptev; Beatriz Valente; Francisco Sezinando


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