How to make bridging work well and to our benefit? 

A 360° conversation. Six guests, one host and a conversation about the importance of bridging took place on the final day of Radiodays Europe 2023. Bridging is about bringing people together and figuring things out together. Many tools we already have can provide just the spark we need to start connecting with not only the apps and products but also the people inside and outside of your team.  

The host of the session Sam Bonham asks the six panellists about the challenges they face while dealing with constant change. The panellists from all around the world have one thing in common – they realize the importance of bridging. Thanks to the round-table format, the listeners had a chance to jump into the conversation and share their insights on the topic or ask a question. 

All the panelists have one thing in common – they are all aware of the importance of bridging. All six of them – Bruno Tézenas du Montcel, Caroline Jamet, Camille Bondeville, Caroline Gillet, Christian Bollert and Olle Zachrisson – engaged in the round-table discussion. 

Generally, all of them feel that human power and human resources are essential. Underlining that, Camille Bondeville, co-founder of German company Sound & Pepper which aims to make easy audio collaboration, says that you have to make sure that people in your company are well integrated together.

A huge part of bridging is the willingness to be open to new ideas. This is something that Caroline Jamet, the Executive Director of Radio-Canada, realizes very well. Radio-Canada has their own programme where young inexperienced people can do their own podcasts. 

This is something that Caroline Jamet, the Executive Director of Radio-Canada, realizes very well. She knows that being open to new ideas is crucial and that is why Radio-Canada has its own programme for young inexperienced people where they can do their own podcasts.

Olle Zachrisson (Commissioner at Swedish Radio)  says: “If we have a relationship, it is easier to have meaningful but difficult conversations that will move your mutual work forward.”  That is because knowing someone can help you understand their perspective and their intentions better. Olle continues that: “Sometimes the person is more interesting than the idea.” 

Olle says “Sometimes the weight of the new can overcome the journalist. But we should not be forgetting about the good and old products we have produced and done. Because once the product hits the listeners ears and grows into their consciousness it’s always going to stay there. What we should try is to redo the old working things and try to reinvent them, yet stay in their respective tracks to please both the old listeners and the new ones.

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