Taking a station from good to great

As a radio station, you need to stand out. But that does not necessarily mean rebranding the station – you need to reawake the listeners. Constantly. Transform our 10, 20, 30, 40-year brands into believable, modern, connected audio services. The same station in a new disguise, with roots in its history, but adapted to present trends and timelines.

Listening and reach start with awareness. If the listener thinks “oh, I’ve heard of that”, they are going to visit your station again. Reconnection is key. Be searchable off- and online.

Many listeners do not care, they are apathetic. Digitally drained, overwhelmed by the multimedia of the world. That is the one emotion we have to change. Cut through the apathy with a recurring good impression. Inform, entertain and delight in order to reconnect with the listener, without forgetting the emotional connection.

“Just Tuned In” visitors are “Prequalified” listeners. They like the songs, they live where you live, they came for connection, information, for something they like and to be entertained. That is the point where you need to engage with their human passion and openness with appreciation and turn the visit into more things they want. Do not think of them as a demo, they are a lifestyle or life stage.

The listener is a star. When they call, tell them you will call them back. The “OMG, they called me back” moment keeps them engaged with your content. Never underestimate the power of genuine interaction. Reply to their reactions on socials – likes, comments, anything. More exposure to listeners increases an excitement and a satisfaction to be connected to the world and us as a radio station.

Listeners are not stupid though. They will recognise unauthentic, fake personalities, when they hear them. Make the listener dependable on your content. Show them you are the same people as them. Answer the questions the listener may have: Why do we like it or not? and then base your next content off of that. Show the listeners what your host’s also/ and – the special thing that connects the host to the receiver on the other side of your microphone. Invite more, include more, appreciate more Just be helpful! There is nothing worse than making a listener feel left out.

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