How to write a song in 60 minutes


‘As a songwriter and an artist its beautiful to create something for someone else and hopefully they can use that in the future’ recounts singer/songwriter Alexander Oscar, recalling a moment where he wrote a song about ‘Two Queens in a King Size Bed’ for two young people who were coming-out. 
Calling out to conference goers, Alexander asks for ideas… Summer vibes. Radio. Cinnamon Rolls. Could there be a song there? 
Together, Jonas and Alexander start jamming on an electric and acoustic guitar. This is the core of Songwriter; a mixture of freestyling, humming, and silent nods as the participants riff to try and come up with a melody and general structure before fleshing out their idea.
The programme is very flexible in its format. Jonas says that the great thing about Songwriter is that all roles disappear  as they try to create against the clock: ‘I’m no longer the host, you’re no longer the guest ‘. 

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