Let’s stay creative with our podcasts


For this session Julie, the VP of Editorial at PRX and Radiotopia, had a, as she called it, a “meandering conversation” with Tim Hinman, the Sound Person & Co-founder at Third Ear Studios. They talked about their own careers and their loves in audio, and their favourite podcasts. 
The audience heard several clips throughout the session. One joyful clip from Everything Is Alive made everyone in the audience sit up. It is an interview podcast with a difference: the host interviews inanimate objects, like cola cans and phone booths. 
Tim brought a podcast called The Futile Attempts at Surviving Tomorrow, and played a clip from an episode all about picking up poo bags for strangers. It was full of laugh-out-loud moments but was also so dark and contradictory. 
And the audience also heard a clip from The 11th, a podcast made by Pineapple Studios, Julie said that the producers aimed to record the sound of contributors just “being” in space. In this instance, the contributor was in a cemetery, mulling over his life choices and lost loves.  
Every clip allowed Julie and Tim talk about different aspects of podcasting and storytelling. It was a really beautiful session full of diversity and strangeness. But, as they played through their clips, one thing became clear: There are no rules in podcasting. There are no no-go areas.

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