I LOVE Lausanne – Radiodays Europe Host City 2019


From Geneva airport you start your magical journey to the lakeside town of Lausanne*. The train from inside Geneva airport take the route along lake Geneva and through the wine region through picture postcard Switzerland – put your headphones on and enjoy the view.

Once you arrive in Lausanne there are a number of hotels and guest houses which cater to all budgets and travel needs. If you haven’t already you can book your hotel with our hotel partner Lausanne Tourism

The language in Lausanne is French but as this is Switzerland you will find German, Italian and English is spoken. The currency is Swiss francs so please ensure you have changed some money in your home city for the best rate. In Switzerland the standard voltage is 230 V. You need to bring a power plug adapter as most countries are not compatible with your countries power supply please check! 

The town of Lausanne is on different levels, sensible shoes are suggested for walking and check the weather before you leave as although March can be Spring-like with stunning blue skies it’s also possible there is snow warm clothes are a must. 

Sightseeing and activities are plentiful in Lausanne, a pleasant way of seeing Lausanne and the surrounding area is with a boat trip onto lake Geneva. Or you could book into one of the many Michelin Starred restaurants in the area or for those on a budget a walking tour of the city may suit you. Lausanne is the Olympic Capital Pierre de Coubertin established the headquarters of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) in Lausanne exactly one century ago. Also Lausanne is the gateway to the wine region of Vaud, home to a UNESCO World Heritage site, and with a history of wine marking dating back to the 11th century.

But we all know that the main reason to visit Lausanne in 2019 is for Radiodays Europe 2019! This year the venue is the Swiss Tech Convention Centre a quick metro ride from the city of Lausanne. Make sure you ask for your ‘Lausanne Transport Card’ this gives you FREE travel on the Metro and on all public transport (but not the train from the airport to Lausanne). 

The Metro takes you to the Swiss Tech Convention Centre. Next to the STCC there are some shops and restaurants and some hotels. The STCC is a fantastic building of architectural, cultural and eco significance. The building it’s self is like nothing you have ever seen in a conference venue visit the STCC website for further information on the venue for this year’s Radiodays Europe! 

We hope you enjoy your 3 days at Radiodays Europe 2019 and learn to LOVE Lausanne as we do. For more information on Lausanne visit MyLausanne.com 

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*(there are other ways to get to Lausanne please also check rail links and links to Zurich airport as well as the possibility to drive)

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