Radiodays Europe Lausanne 2019 – looking to the future of radio & audio


Although this is the 10th year of Radiodays Europe and although we as an organisation are taking a look back through the years the programme once again is very much focused on looking forward. The future right now is focusing on audio, not just on radio. 

For those of you who want to take a peep into the future we recommend;

Planet Audio in the year 2025 – The actual future of using radio and audio with Charlotte Hager (Comrecon Brandnavigation, Austria) 

We speak a lot about radio and its transformation into audio in the future. In a new study, first presented in full at Radiodays Europe, it is all about the listener, the consumer: how will they see radio and audio develop?…

The SOUND of radio in the future with Carnelius Ringe (Managing Partner, WESOUND, Germany)Sebastian Fuchs (Voice Director, WESOUND, Germany) 

The radio landscape is in turmoil – the digital disruption poses dangers, just as much as it creates opportunities. Coincidentally, an increasing number of people are asking themselves (or their voice assistant) whether artificial stupidity also exists…

The future of audio with Brenda Salinas (News on the assistant, Google, UK) 

Immersive storytelling is an age-old craft: our brains evolved to tell each other stories. Technology has the power to help our stories reach new audiences. The FM signal evolved into internet streaming, and now, thanks to machine learning, we have voice platforms that understand what we say…

Visioning an audioplayer for the future: BBC Sounds & ARD Audiothek with Alison Winter (Head of Audiences, BBC, UK), Ben Chapman (Head of Digital for BBC Radio & Music), Thomas Laufensweiler (ARD, Germany) 

In this session we will hear about BBC’s new audioplayer Sounds, which was launched in November. Ben and Alison will take us through the research and innovative ideas behind the development of Sounds…Also in this session Thomas Laufensweiler from ARD will take us through the development and build up of the German public service audioplayer Audiothek… 

And then for those of you who want to immerse yourself in the world of AI we have the Big 3 session focusing on this are of the future (these sessions can be watched in total or attended independently if you want to move between this and other sessions). 

All we hear is…radio data  How artificial intelligence (AI) will influence the world of radio and how close this future is today It is obvious that data is the new gold. How will this change our industry? In this bundle of sessions, we will take a detailed look at several aspects of what digital disruption will mean and how it can be mastered.

1. AI in radio & audio: The big picture with Mustafa Isik (CEO, Kerngedanke, Germany) 

Mustafa is one of the most forward-thinking and digitally-minded radio managers in Europe. Mustafa led the digital team at Bayrischer Rundfunk and recently founded his own enterprise “Kerngedanke”. 

2. AI in radio & audio: Programming with Francesca Shaw (Head Linguist, Lyrebird, Canada), Nico Aprile (CEO, StreaMonkey, Germany) 

Both music and spoken content are highly influenced by the power of data and AI. To illustrate this, we experience with Francesca Shaw from Lyrebird how close computer-generated voices get to reality. Will a computer take the DJ/host’s job eventually? As for the music, the listener has never been more powerful. Nico Aprile from StreaMonkey will show how major stations in Germany use personalized music within the known brand experience of a well-loved station. 

3. AI in radio & audio: Monetisation with Frank Bachér (General Manager Digital, RMS, Germany), Thomas Kabke-Sommer (General Manager, Crossplan, Germany) 

Selling advertisements, promotions and other products through data is the big shift for radio marketeers. Not only because it may be new to most, but also because suddenly you are competing with Google, Facebook & Co., who have very sophisticated data targeting intelligence. Frank Bachér from the German sales house RMS will introduce the first made-for-audio DMP (data management platform), which may help radio and others to level up against the giants. Thomas Kabke-Sommer from the Crossplan agency will demonstrate how stations can still get their share from data-driven advertising revenues. 

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