Imaging producers are your most played artists


If you look at the most played artist of any radio station, it’s probably your imaging producer rather the music you make. They’re the people who build your station’s brand, increase recognisability and most importantly, increase listenership. 
Denzil Lacey (Audio Producer and Sound Designer for SiriusXM) is responsible for some of SiriusXM’s 150 channels. He says radio stations are like personalities; consistency, mood, tone and feel are key. You can give audio brands personality by using both artist-driven content and imaging; ad-libs and outtakes are fair game when it comes to creating authentic sounding brands. 
Kenny Southavy (Audio Producer  and Sound Designer for ReelWorld Europe) says that radio imaging is the glue that holds your station together. During his career, he’s seen a huge shift in the way imaging is made and the way listener’s consume sound. Imaging is becoming more musical and tracks with long introductions provide the perfect opportunity to provide context, establish a brand, and convey other messages. 
Their top tips for radio imaging is to be relatable, surprise the listener, but be concise. Experimentation is important too; by playing around, you may unlock features of audio programs you may not be familiar with, or try external tools like vocoders. Not everything will hit the mark and go on-air straight away says Chris, but space to try things out and some basic musical training is vital.

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