Women of the M People


Heather Small is the voice and lead vocalist of M People. She had huge hits such as “Moving On Up”, “One Night In Heaven” and “Search For The Hero” achieving massive worldwide success. For this very personal session, Heather chatted to the Host of track 1 and Director of Creative Media Partners Ltd, Paul Robinson. 
They talked about Heather’s career. She loves being on tour, feeding off the energy of the crowd and building up the performance. “It builds into something bigger than yourself” she said. 
Heather has always been a fan of radio, having grown up listening to a mix of music on BBC Radio 1 in the UK. “There was no stigma” on the radio, she said. Who was her favourite band when she was growing up? Abba! 
Heather said that racism and the word “no” followed her throughout her career. But she  had the drive to do what she wanted to do. Although she was shy, her family supported her and made her feel like she was worthy. 

A pop legend and the voice of music and radio for generations… 

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