It’s all in the Facts & Figures…


Bringing an overview of the radio, audio and podcast facts and figures to Malmö 2022!


Tom Webster is Vice President of Strategy and Marketing for Edison Research, a custom market research company best known as the sole providers of exit polling data during US elections for all the major news networks. He has over 20 years of experience researching consumer usage of technology, new media, and social networking, and is a frequent keynote speaker on consumer behavior and data.

At Radiodays Europe we always like to focus on some stats and some research to gauge exactly where our industries stand! As a long term supporter Tom Webster returns to the stage in Malmö to do just that. This year will be special as usually the year starts with Radiodays Europe and so we look back on the previous year and to the three quarters of the coming year, being in May however we can take a half year look backwards and forwards! How is the pandemic continuing to hit our markets and what’s on the horizon. 

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