Talking AI at Radiodays Europe Malmö 2022

Kajsa Norell

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Kajsa Norell is a manager for podcast curation at the Swedish Radio audio app. She leads a team of editors, producers and analysts. She has a background in investigative journalism and breaking news for radio and podcasting and has written the book Halleluja, Brazil!. She is also into Growth Hacking and last year, she studied AI for managers at Halmstad University in Sweden.

In 2021 Kajsa Norell represented Swedish Radio in the JournalismAI Collab Challenge and the result was the Pick n’ Mix Podcast Segmenter, a tool to segment, search and combine podcast segments and build playlists or timelines out of the snippets. The Collab Challenge is run by London School of Economics’ think tank and was this year co-hosted with BBC Newslab and Clwstr. 

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