Jeff Smith, Head of Music BBC Radio 2 & BBC Radio 6 Music, UK

Jeff Smith

Jeff Smith is Head of Music at BBC Radio 2 and BBC Radio 6 Music. BBC Radio 2 is a station aimed at combining news entertainment and popular music, whereas BBC Radio 6 music is more focused on “music”, past, present and future, and remains one of the top digital radio channels in the UK.

With two such powerhouses of stations, his CV has set him up to drive forward the radio of tomorrow. Jeff Smith’s previous work has included time at commercial radio stations, including Capital FM, as well as Napster, driving new digital music consumption. 

In the past, he has described his job as “curating the curators”. This applies to his own love of finding new music while bringing back classic sounds and acts from the extensive archives of the BBC. His own curating of a sound and a station also enables him to curate the talent, staff and to ensure his stations have a unique sound which makes them beloved of audiences in the UK.

A playlist specialist, Jeff Smith has at times been described as having the “midas touch” when it comes to putting together innovative music which brings audiences flocking. He has the power to bring to the front new acts and renew interest in acts which have slid into obscurity. Jeff Smith was also a judge of the Mercury Prize 2016, another influential position in the world of music.

Radiodays Europe is excited to welcome Jeff to this year’s conference in Amsterdam 2017, he will share his experiences and insights into his world. 

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