Launching NEW imaging


“What is the future of the jingle? As jingle creators, the team at Pure Jingles have been told often that ‘people get tired of jingles’. Using branded intros are a creative way to engage with the station name without the audience getting over familiar with the same few pieces of creative between every song. Steven has a few impressive thoughts on this. He thinks that brands should try bringing the station ident into the intro of a song. It’ll bring awareness of the station and you’ll find that even if the audience find themselves listening to your rival, a successful branding will have them filling in the empty song intro with your branding in their heads. This is a simple way to build credibility. It’s also helpful for getting the music artists you play involved. Why not ask them to say your station name, or even sing it and get your own fully branded version of their song? The radio station will sound great if your jingles sound great. It helps build confidence in the brand for presenters, producers, and importantly, the audience”. Steven Lemmens (Head of Imaging, Studio Brussel, Belgium)


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