Leadership secrets from Berlins #1 radio-station


We’ve got our leadership process completely upside down according to
Marc Haberland, and as Vice-Program Director of the at Berlin’s most
popular radio station, he’s a good person to ask.

‘Team work is vital’. Marc suggests that to get the best from the your
team, perhaps you need to shake everything up. He suggests you look to
ditch the airchecks and empty the calendar so you can instead be
visible around the office.

‘Do I really need to go to that meeting?’ Technology can help too.
Whatsapp groups and emails offer the team flexibility and takes away
the frustration of being called into another meeting. By removing
unnecessary airchecks presenters feel trusted and valued.

Another tip for staying top of your market is not being afraid to
fight… and lose. And remember, leadership isn’t about always being
right. It’s about being trusted and being part of the team.

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