Leading creative change


Linda Green (UK) has led the creative strategy for the BBC’s biggest events, channels, brands and cultural change programmes over the last twenty years – and is now an independent specialist.

Green takes a scientific approach to creativity. She shared her model for creative leadership: Patterns, People and Purpose.

Linda explained that she identifies internal patterns that need to be broken in all of her work by asking “What do you always do?” She also looks at external patterns around content, products, markets and audiences – and told the Radiodays delegates to be deliberate about these.

Green also advocated safeguarding employees and talent, because “our digital world is a networked world.” She suggested that as employers, we should look at what our people value – and match it. She noted that intelligent and creative people like to have autonomy, mastery and purpose – but don’t like to be told what to do.

Green continued to discuss purpose. Shesaid that that in order for a big change to take place, the team behind the change needs to understand it’s meaning.

It’s a difficult thing to do – strategise creativity. But with a bit of thought, radio stations can ensure that creativity is embeded in the organisation.

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