Why every brand needs an audio strategy


This was the first of two sessions. Henning Lüdemann kicked off. He is a Sales Manager at RMS (Germany). They’re the biggest audio marketer in the country, with 165 commercial FM radio stations and over 100 online audio brands. They are delivering audio ads to 55 million radio listeners per day and 20 million online audio listeners a month.

Sound has the power to evoke strong mental images and that can contribute to the amplification of a brand’s identity, he argued.

Of all German advertising, radio accounts for just 6.3% and although marketeers are aware of radio’s strengths and advantages, visualisation is the major hurdle to securing more. Advertisers doubt radio’s ability to invoke these powerful images, from ingredients and flavours to food appeal and more.

Telling audiences about research into television versus radio exposure to adverts, similar numbers of those who hear the adverts recall them, and can imagine the images the advertisements are intended to evoke.

However, radio advertising shouldn’t just be about sheer sellin. If we are going to make this a success,, Henning says, it should be about providing listeners with a high-quality audio experience and not trash.

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