Lisbon Venue: Time Out Market

Time Out Markets

Arguably one of the most famous food markets in Lisbon, the Time Out Market was created in 2014 by a group of journalists with a vision to house the best food vendors in Portugal, and write about them in the Time Out Portugal magazine. With 26 restaurants, a dozen shops, 8 bars and a high end music venue, as well as the best steaks, sushi and hamburgers in Lisbon – the venue is a perfect combination of culture and food, bringing all the best under one roof.

The Mercado da Riberia (the markets themselves) have actually been active since 1882, where they housed the city’s main wholesale market. After the markets themselves moved location in 2000, the structure became derelict until Time Out took over and created the iconic Time Out Markets in 2014. 

Sunday night welcoming and networking event to kick-start Radiodays Europe 2020 will be held at this iconic venue, overlooking the Mercado de Ribeira.  

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