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Joining the Great Pivot to Audio session at Radiodays Europe Malmö 2022


Media organisations of all sizes are moving into audio in a big way. Legacy groups are leaving the experimentation phase and putting audio at the front and center of their editorial offering and business strategy. Why are these players going “all in” for the ear? How are they building a content strategy with a tech stack to match? Do they represent a threat or an ally to audio-native media?

Basia Cummings is an Editor at Tortoise Media she is confirmed as a speaker at this great session at Radiodays Europe. She is the host of the weekly investigative podcast, the Slow Newscast, and runs the team behind numerous podcasts including Sweet Bobby, Finding Q, Left to Die, Hidden Homicides, Sensemaker and more. Before joining Tortoise, Basia worked at HuffPost, the UN and the Guardian’s foreign desk.

Join Basia and the session on the Great Pivot to Audio at Radiodays Europe 2022

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