Strategic Innovation and how to do it with AI


How do you bring together you AI and Audio needs? Find out in this session with RTBF at Radiodays Europe Malmö 2022


Artificial intelligence (AI) is making its entry into more and more areas of audio output and production. Through automatic transcription and natural language processing broadcasters are trying to make its content easier to find, access and understand. Using AI applications both in internal systems and in audience-facing recommender systems. In this session, you will get an engaging and quick overview of how AI is used both in existing products and systems and offers a sneak peek of the prototypes of tomorrow.

Speaking in this session is Loïc De Visscher is Innovation Manager at RTBF (Belgian Broadcaster of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation). He develops innovation projects and strategic partnerships with the research and academic sector, startups, corporates and economic development stakeholders. Qualified in innovation management, VC and private equity, Loic has a strong experience of more than 15 years in the media industry. He led digital workflows transformation projects and was also strongly involved in the team responsible for the last RTBF’s corporate transformation programme, working on business processes and organisational matters.

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