Networking at Radiodays Europe 2018


Conferences are in some respects the best and the worst place to network. The best place because there are so many people attending (over 1,500 at Radiodays Europe) and the worst because everyone is in a session listening to a speaker, breaks are short and people’s badges are really hard to read (we know, we are trying to make them bigger!).

But networking whether you are a senior manager, starting out in radio, selling a product, have a new idea etc etc is key to going to conferences. It’s too easy to meet up with colleagues from your own markets or worse from within your own company. Make the most of your time at Radiodays Europe and meet some new people, easier said than done I hear you say!

With this in mind Radiodays Europe is trying to help, we have a few ways you can help yourself in terms of networking.

  1. Come to the Sunday networking session – Fast and Curious
  2. Run a Meet up at Radiodays Europe
  3. Send us a message about groups you’d like to see us gather together
  4. Send us a message for our ‘Would like to meet virtual networking board’

Please don’t ask us for a participants list though, new data protection rules across Europe are protecting your data, but if you have a good idea of how we can join more people and groups together we are happy to hear them. For more information on any of these networking opportunities send us an email.

Finally, be proactive, the easiest targets to meet are the speakers though let them come off stage first! Go take a look and have a chat to all of the exhibitors they would love to talk to you about their products, take time in the breaks to ‘find’ people, join our social media accounts and send out a request, finally the evening events are a fun and informal way to network in a relaxed atmosphere with radio people from around the world!

Happy Networking!

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