Meet ups at Radiodays Europe


1. Why host a Meet Up? 

Have you got an idea you want to discuss, do you want to meet new people, do you want to gather together people you know to talk through an issue in the industry, do you want to become more involved in Radiodays Europe? Then host a Meet Up. To do this you need to email

2. What is the theme of your Meet Up

First think about what your Meet Up will be about – what’s the theme? “Radio needs to attract younger listeners?”“Radio needs to innovate on mobile how do we do this?”“I’m a producer who wants to meet other producers to discuss production”, will this be a niche Meet Up or is this about a wider audience?

3. Who will attend 

Consider who you would like to attend? Specific members of the industry programmers, technicians, talent or do you want your Meet Up to appeal to a wider group (see above, your theme will influence who will attend)?

4. When should you hold your Meet Up

Meet Ups can be held at any time during Sunday, Monday and Tuesday of Radiodays Europe, you tell us where and when and we’ll tell the particpants. 

5. Format of the Meet Up

You need to write a clear overview that explains the theme of your Meet Up. This needs to be broken down into very specific areas so that people know what type of conversation you are hoping to have at your Meet Up, the clearer you can be the more people will be attracted to attend. Is this a conversation or a lead discussion, is this informal or will there be an agenda? 

6. Where to hold the Meet Up 

Let us know which bar, venue you want to hold you meet up in – A bar can be best!

7. How RDE will promote your Meet Up 

RDE will publish a list of Meet Ups on our website, include them in our newsletter and on social media – what we can’t do is run the registration list for your Meet Up or promote Meet Ups which are not ‘officially’ part of RDE. We want to encourage people attending RDE to network, a Meet Up is the perfect place to do this. 

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