OJ Torvmark will be speaking at Radiodays this year

More than just a radio enthusiast, OJ Torvmark carries a deep passion for the medium, fueling his innovative work at Radioplayer as Head of Products and Distribution Services. He leads the development of cutting-edge solutions that are transforming how audiences experience radio, all while fostering partnerships that drive growth across the industry.

Remember Norway’s pioneering digital radio switchover? Torvmark, as CEO of Digital Radio Norway, played a pivotal role in making history. His visionary leadership and strategic planning ensured a smooth transition, making Norway the first country in the world to conquer the digital radio transition. And, not to forget; Torvmark was recently elected as a board member of WorldDAB for his third term.

Torvmark’s love affair with radio and digital media spans over four decades. A seasoned professional, his extensive experience covers every corner of the broadcast landscape, from sales and marketing to R&D, distribution, PR, and even a taste of the political arena. Throughout his career, he has consistently held leadership positions in various collaborative projects and companies within the radio industry, demonstrating his leadership and ability to drive innovation.

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