On demand can be demanding

“No matter how amazing the facilities, they are nothing without the content,” Tony Moorey, Content Director of Digital Platforms at Bauer Media Audio, started his presentation after an introduction by Francis Currie, International Audio Consultant. With this, he also introduced the Rayo project – a way of reinventing radio for the new digital landscape. “Global average for screen time is 3 hours and 30 minutes,” he added with a focus on the need of fulfilling listeners’ needs.

Creating discussions with listeners their needs is an important aspect as it is one of the human factors of the presenters. “On demand is demanding,” he noted afterwards. But on the other hand, this way, the process is more immersive as the listener can truly lean in and enjoy the content.

Most importantly, Tony introduced 4Ls content strategy. In the first place, there is a need for listening, which is an ability of radio. Second is looking – the content needs to stand out and ideally, be relevant and there should be some connections with celebrities or famous people to attract the attention. “Youth watches short videos for 3 or 4 hours a day,” he pointed out. Third L was live, which should be the ability to create a magical and outstanding experiences in the real world. Bring audience together. Lastly, local themes for listeners guarantees that the theme is close to them. “Now is the time in audio history to rethink the radio future and structure and opportunity,” he ended his presentation. 

“Better for businesses to disrupt themselves than anyone else do it,” Anna Rastner, Content Director of Audio from Sweden, added, then diving into her presentation. “Without content, we have nothing to offer to the listener or the advertiser,” stated Anna at the beginning, amplifying the importance of content. Then, she dived into explaining, how the attracting new audience work in Sweden specifically.

Public radio in Sweden has around 80% in listening in comparison with commercial radio with 20%, whereas the difference in public and commercial TV is 50% on both sides. “Do we need to offer anything else in comparison with the public radio?” she asked.  Changes were presented on the biggest station in Sweden – Mix Megapol, such as attracting the audience is recruiting famous hosts with experiences. Then, she provided some tips such as creating afternoon shows and not having just shows in the mornings. This way, the same station can easily keep the same audience and attract new audience at the same time. 

Highlighting the importance of content, Anna also pointed out that being human is attracting and unique. It is not something AI can do. As an example, she provided video with minister of Sweden crying live. Not only emotion is important, having the content across media is also crucial. 

“People want to come back because they made a bond with the presenters. It’s all about authenticity as well as feeling good,” was the message with which this session closed.

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