Podcast creation: catching the ear, and the eye, of the listener

In this part of the Podcast Summit the delegates heard practical advice from two Danish specialists – Lene Heiselberg and Camilla Sager – on how to make a great podcast, with a focus on sound quality, narrative arcs and podcast titles and descriptions. 

Going against Aristotle’s three-part structure, audience researcher Lene Heiselberg comes up with a podcast structure which she calls ‘The Dragon’. Through her research she has learned that the podcast audience is much more impatient and picky than regular radio listeners. According to her, one needs to catch the attention of the listeners within the few first seconds. Starting with an emotional highlight and stating the core idea of the podcast in the beginning highly increases our chances of making the listener listen to the whole podcast. However, the ending of the podcast is as important as the beginning – if the closure is captivating the listener will want to binge listen to the next podcasts.

Danish strategic communicator and podcast producer Camilla Sager follows her mentor Lene’s footsteps and adds five guiding principles to build up the podcast. Starting with the importance of the episode title being surprising and distinctive, specifity of the description and emotional language she points out the details that makes major differences when it comes to the amount of audience.

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