Reinventing news for the next generation

The number of gamers is steadily increasing worldwide. The same is true for people actively avoiding the news. The synthesis proposed by Aslak Gottlieb, journalistic lecturer at Southern University of Denmark and media entrepreneur, might be as obvious as it is genius: gamifying the news. 

But how? There is no “one-fits-all“ solution, yet some approaches to consider e.g. integrating audience engagement to enhance a more collaborative and inclusive effort of news creation. Since the easiest way to reach generation Z is via social media, the element of interaction plays the key role.

Working on the gamification of the news can help raise the attractiveness and accessibility of the stories. However, the focus on the content is crucial. “It is the responsibility of the journalists to ensure that the gamification process doesn’t compromise the quality of the news,” says Gottlieb. He set an example of how such a future could look like with his interactive, gamified and still deeply thought-provoking presentation. Let the games begin! 

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