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A story about love, a universal story

Pablo Fen tells a story of love and how he fell in love. He couldn’t tell the lady he had fallen in love as he had a lack of data. And so he went to talk to her partners and her friends to find out how she felt. They told him to use technology and so he made a collection of podcasts that communicate about falling in love. He first sent her fiction podcasts about love but this didn’t work as it was too obscure and made her think that he was a bit weird. He then sent her a journalism podcast – about dead people who love people – he then went from looking like a weird person to a psychopath. He then sent her an episode called ‘Movies in your head’, this expressed the story of love.

Prisa radio decided to look at their strategy and the suggest was ‘We should create a place to create stories’. Their podcast network is made by professionals, quality and in Spanish. They started by collecting data and now they have the results back – 767 episodes, 2m downloads last month, 160k downloads per week. He also suggested that outside of the US there also needs to be a focus on android. Looking at their figures they can also see that 50% of downloads didn’t come from the month in which they were downloaded, what does this mean?

Their biggest shows are ‘El Gran Apagon’ and ‘Bienvenido a la vida peligrosa’ in this podcast there are big actors, designers, sound producers for this podcast.  There are also two big news documentaries ‘Le Llamaban Padre’ and ‘V, Las Cloacas del Estado’. And finally ‘Historias de la Medianoche’ this is an evergreen podcast.

‘We believe our success is that talented, professionals, engaged in doing what they love’


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