Winner of the British Podcast Awards: Fathers and sons


The winner of the first British Podcast Awards presented some of his hard hitting human interest podcasts. Hard hitting stories of everyday life focused on Fathers and sons. How he chose the people being interviewed, how their stories developed, where the stories took the producers and some of the difficulties they encountered in making these podcasts.

Fathers and sons has dealt with cancer, family businesses and a son finding his father a date on tinder. Looking at a fathers hopes and dreams for his son to follow in his foot steps episode 4 looks at a piano tuner and his hope that his son will not let this art form die out. These very personal stories all make for a compelling podcast, which the BPA’s felt, was the stand out podcast in the UK today.

For episode five the producers changed the sound scape of the podcast which was a challenge but a totally fulfilling piece of work. Finally episode six focused on a father who’s daughter transitioned to become a boy and how the hopes and dreams a father had for his daughter have now become the hopes and dreams a father has for his son. The access the producers had to this father and son makes for spin tingling podcasting. 

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