Podcasts: from a local phenomenon to worldwide success

Global to local

Megan Davies, Adam Uytman and Jamie East demonstrated how podcasts can become a worldwide success. At the beginning of the session, Megan said that the universe of podcasts is not new. More and more people listen and more and more people do it. Including several celebrities who created their podcast to reach more people.

“The whole day spent in front of the screen at work wears people out, so then they choose to relax by listening to a podcast”, says Megan. The accessible way in which podcasts reach people leads many brands to bet on this format. Whether in Europe, but also around the world, the number of listeners is gradually increasing.

Podcasts related to Ted Talks, for example, spoken in English and with themes that are all-encompassing, have a worldwide audience.

Adam and Jamie, in a relaxed conversation, talked about their experiences within the world of podcasts. Jamie, as a good podcast lover, said that he always carries with him, including for this trip, a microphone and a computer to record. “That’s the beauty of the podcast. You can do where you are”, says Adam.

Jamie managed to get the podcast market heard across the UK. For the speaker it was not a quick phenomenon, it took time and it was necessary to listen to people’s feedback. But from the moment that more and more people listened, whether at home, at school, or leaving work, there was a potential to be able to expand the podcast market due to its accessibility.

From one moment to the next, podcasts can go from a small audience to being heard all over the world and the ease with which they are heard increases the number of people who listen, making podcasts a worldwide phenomenon.

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