Portugal’s first therapeutic restaurant: The Therapist



It was a personal story that inspired founder, Joana Teixeira, to create this space. After struggling with cystic acne for years, Chinese medicine and a change in diet were the only things that helped. “I realised, at the time, that there was no place that combined food with therapies and knowledge,” states Joana.


Joana Teixeira, the founder of The Therapist // ANDREIA SIMÃO

Originally opened as an unconventional therapy clinic with a cafeteria, The Therapist became a therapeutic restaurant in 2019. “Nowadays, people come a lot because it’s a restaurant”, says Joana, “Then, they end up realising that we have other aspects, such as nutrition and workshops, and they end up trying it out”.


Outside tables at The Therapist // RITA SILVA

The Therapist promotes mindful eating, using local and organic products, staying away from dairy and refined ingredients. This concept is cemented with a functional eating motto: “Each of the menus that we have, which are four, respond to a functional objective: immunity, mental strength, detox, and strength and energy”.


Worker at The Therapist making a juice // RITA SILVA

Cold-pressed juices, pink lemonades and kombucha are some of the drinks available at the restaurant. For a Friday night-out after working hours, you can also find alcoholic beverages made from Portuguese products, such as gin and “amarguinha”. Food wise, the avocado and egg bruschetta is the restaurant’s best-seller, along with the braised tuna and the gluten-free pancakes.

Joana says the pandemic had an unexpected positive side: exploring the online side of the business. Now, at the restaurant and online, The Therapist offers bulk granola, drink mixes and gluten free cake mixes, among other products.


Products for sale at The Therapist // RITA SILVA

A week ago, The Therapist opened another restaurant in Alvalade, on Rua José d’Esaguy. The concept is the same, but you can expect a wider menu with different starters and sandwiches.


Written by Rita Silva

Reporters: Andreia Simão, Mariana Serrano and Rita Silva



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