Martinho da Arcada: Lisbon’s jewel since 1782



Martinho da Arcada has long been a restaurant frequented by writers, artists and intellectuals throughout time. The historic space is a place where you can taste the best that the Portuguese seas and rivers have to offer, with a wide range of fish.




   “Martinho da Acarda”, Lisbon // GONÇALO MARTINS


It is also possible to taste black pork, a typical Portuguese specialty, carne de porco à alentejana, house steak, among other shrimp dishes and delicious  appetizers. Martinho da Arcada is also a place for music and the exchange of ideas, organising gatherings – Tertúlias – about various subjects.

Written by: Gonçalo Borbinha

Reporters: Gonçalo Borbinha and Gonçalo Martins

Image/Sound: Gonçalo Martins


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