Portuguese radio: music and innovation

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The advent of Covid-19 brought a need to be more creative, to be original and to give better content to listeners. In today’s morning session, three very well-known Portuguese radio professionals shared their thoughts about their reality: António Mendes (RFM Program Director), Pedro Ribeiro (Program Director at Radio Comercial) and Luís Oliveira (Head of Music and Digital Content at RTP).

So, Antena 3 developed “Elétrico”, which are live recorded concerts, also available at RTP Play and Youtube channel: “At Antena 3 we have another commitment, a commitment with artists. We had to record all shows in a row for 21 days”, Luís added that maybe the hardest part was not being able to dance. Antena 3 joined several weeks of live music. Luís explained that during the spring of 2021, they had different kinds of mindsets about the pandemic and its impact on music. 

RFM, one of the most listened private radios in the country, have an important role in bringing music to Portugal.  Somni is a good example. “It helps us expand the brand”, says António. The Director of RFM adds that radio is “in times of strong change”. Think about the meaning of our brand and expanding it to other areas.  

 Pedro Ribeiro showed a video of a huge event: Xmas in the Night, where Radio Comercial mix together some of the most charismatic personalities of radio like Vasco Palmeirim and much more: “People paying to hear us singing”. The stage version of the show was crucial to put the morning show where it is now. They have done 30 shows since 2012 around the country.

 Pedro Ribeiro confesses: “We are not singers. We are bad at karaoke”.The entertainer said that “radio is love” and that you get to prove that every time you go out of the studio and meet listeners: “You become more human, more real”, he finishes.

Written by: Rita Silva and Gonçalo Borbinha

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