Portuguese Vaccine Programme No 1 in the World


Portugal is now the No1 country in the world when it comes to fully vaccinated in the population, passing in the last days Malta and UAE. And the vaccination rate will be even higher by October.

At the end of August Portugal took the second step in its 3-step plan in re-opening society and this Monday the 12th September the mandatory use of masks outdoors ended.

The 3rd step in the re-opening with lesser restrictions is planned for October, depending on the vaccination rate among other things. Vaccinations are currently being rolled-out also among 12-15 year olds and the number of new infections are falling.

The pandemic is far from over, so it is up to everyone to act responsibly even if fully vaccinated.

In Portugal you will need a vaccination pass (“EU Digital Covid Certificate” or similar) or a recent PCR test to enter the country and to check-in at hotels. You will also need the Certificate or a test to enter the Radiodays Europe conference at Lisbon Congress Center.

If the Portuguese government decides to follow its re-opening plan and go to the 3rd step in October, there might be less Covid restrictions by the time of RDE, but right now, under the 2nd step of re-opening, there are limits to groups at restaurants (parties of 8 indoors and 15 outdoors) while nightclubs remain closed. Masks are recommended for most public indoor activities.

Health and safety is a priority for Radiodays Europe. While we now are glad we can welcome people to this first in-person event in 18 months, we are also offering the content online. It will be a hybrid event, in-person and online and you are free to choose how you will take part in the event.

For those coming to Radiodays Europe in Lisbon in-person, we will require an official vaccine certificate (EU Digital Vaccine Certificate or similar) or a negative Covid-19 test result. At the venue we will follow all recommendations from the Portuguese health authorities and adaptions will be made for everyone´s safety, including social distancing, rooms not to be used to full capacity, food served by waiters not as buffets, additional cleaning of surfaces etc. The venue is very large and there will always be plenty of space for you to keep your distance to others when needed.

For your travel plans, please make sure you check what regulations are in place for your air travel, for entering into Portugal and if there are any special requirements from your country of residence on your return.

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