The power of music and the little green dragon


 In this example, consumers were far more likely to purchase French wine if traditional French music was playing and equally as likely to purchase the German alternative if an oompah band was piped through the sound system. In order to assess the effect of music at a subconscious level, the ‘Strike A Chord’ study teamed up with Goldsmiths University to recruit 16 participants who were exposed to 27 radio ads. One set that used music consistently, one set that tactically used music and a final set with no music at all. 



The results show conclusively that advertisements which use music consistently are greatly preferred to ads that employ it tactically. The participants also stated that the music fits better with the brand when used consistently. Ads without music are far less preferred to those that feature music, ‘It draws people in, the music is the brand’ Mark explains.

Mark then provides a brief run through of the Brand Music Navigator, a fantastic tool provided by Radiocentre. Using a word palette, musical parameters and musical inspiration, an example piece is provided along with its attributes and how these can be best used in advertising.



To summarise, ‘music is an incredibly powerful multiplier of meaning and effectiveness for brands’. The second half of the session is taken by Uros Bogdanovic, Creative Director KrAn studio, Serbia, who looks at the power of storytelling and story­selling. He starts by ensuring us that no dragons have been harmed in the creation of this presentation!

‘Our clients are listeners, we must ensure they are listening and not simply hearing’, says Uros. Uros encourages the audience to close their eyes as he tells the story of a 100­ legged green dragon. Upon completion he asks the audience to recall a number of details from the story which they are able to do with ease. This, Uros claims, indicates the incredible power of storytelling as a tool to engage listeners.

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