Radio Game Changers – lessons from the best


For talent, it is just as important to know what you’re not capable of
and where your weaknesses lie, as it is being confident in your own
performance. Confidence is still an issue for many, if not all, radio
presenters – no matter how successful or how many years they have been
in the industry. When developing on air talent, it is crucial to bear
this in mind.

When developing breakfast shows, you need to take a step back and
think about whether it’s something you would want to listen. Lots of
shows are being made that presenters themselves wouldn’t even switch
on. This is where producers can have a real influence. It is the
producer’s job to take a step back and view the whole thing in

Craig has a “4 P’s personal branding model” that he uses when
developing shows. Firstly, people – think about who you are targeting.
Be specific, think what you have in common with your audience and how
they will connect with you. Secondly, position – where is your show in
the media landscape? Is your show unique or is it competing for a
share of an audience? Thirdly, product design – what are your content
filters? How do you enforce a consistent tone of voice? And finally,
promotion – what platforms are you using? Are you using a mix of mass
media, social media, promotional partnerships to get your message

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