Savory recipes for broadcast, digital and people integration


This session looked at how radio organisations are mixing digital and broadcast and whether they are moving apart or coming together.

Helena Sahlen Folke said that ‘today, broadcast and digital are very integrated but we need to focus sometimes – we need people to work on making a very good podcast. We know how to make a good broadcast but that is not necessarily a good podcast. I want people to have the time to look at their material and how listeners respond to what they do and make them think about that more’.

Manoush Zomorodi agreed that they are two different mediums – podcasts can be much more relaxed and sound different to broadcast. They need to be separated because what people are doing while they listen are very different – podcasts can be much more personal. They might have smaller listening figures but it’s much easier to feel like you are talking to a friend or someone with lots in common with you. At WNYC her number one goal is to increase podcast listenership and she is using broadcast to do that. She goes on air as a guest to discuss her podcast and encourage people to go looking for it.

Miroslaw Ostrowski said that since they have limited resources at Radio Wroclaw in Poland, they just use broadcast material and publish it on demand. He said that it was very hard to persuade editorial people to do this but that it works and that people are now interested in it. He realised that we have to follow our audience wherever they are. So for Radio Wroclaw, broadcast and digital are totally the same.

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