Radio stations must commit to becoming the force for change…the final message from Xmas lunch


An incredible last message from Marc Vossen, Nostalgie, NRJ, Belgium

A force for change, radio….

In this, the last video of the Radiodays Europe Xmas lunch. Marc Vossen delivered a message of hope and of the power that radio has to be the initiator of change. He called on the radio community to look forward at what as a community we can achieve. 

He talked about the voice being an ambassador for many things including love, something which radio listeners know only too well especially now in this time where the voice has even more power. He also said that their hosts don’t speak to 1 million people but they each speak to only one person a true and real connection that cannot be replaced or duplicated, they speak to ‘They each speak to….one person that they love, when you speak to someone you love you don’t speak the same way, you don’t use the same words or the same tone of voice, despite the suffering this Covid 19 period has strengthen our conviction, our vision and our mission, and our mission is to make all our listeners sing and dance, we do that very well”

He spoke about radio being a force of positive change in all parts of the world. He spoke about the impact of radio on people and the environment and how they are doing their bit to protect the environment in their radio group, a great example of how other radio groups could see the bigger picture and how radio fits into this picture! 

A fantastic an inspirational end to the Radiodays Europe Xmas Lunch 2020 

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