Radiodays Europe Next Gen Youth initiative is back with a full Sunday Summit!

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Next Gen Youth Summit Summit Information

MalmöMässan, Sunday 15th May 2022, 12.30 – 16.30

Radiodays Europe has for many years now supported the Next Generation of young people joining the radio family. Over the years we have had many sessions on the main programme focusing on attracting younger listeners. This year we are bringing together our efforts for and towards young people in Radio, Podcast and Audio with this our first Youth Summit.

To register for this Summit you must register for a full ticket for Radiodays Europe here, you will then be able to ADD Next Gen Youth Summit as an event as part of your package Price: 75 EUR + VAT




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What are young audience listening habits? What type of content matters to youth listeners? Where do they spend their time and why? Two researchers from different national markets in Europe will present their latest research and discuss latest insights.

Representing the next generation – hands on tools to strengthen the relationship with our listeners

In this session host Felicia Jackson and a panel of three different professionals will contribute their opinions, experiences and recommendations on the subject of youth culture and change. We are in a decade of counter-cultures, digital movement and actions against inequality and abuse of power expressed through movements like: MeToo and Black Lives Matter. What are the driving forces in this shift in the youth culture and how do we represent and engage our listeners embracing this on our shows.   

Develop your Digital Toolbox and Grow your Youth Audience

In our over-saturated media landscape, figuring out how to capture the attention of consumers has become intensely more challenging. Social media provides the tool kit that allows shows and personalities to crack through the noise and the fog.  Used wisely it will connect audiences (and marketers) with DJs, shows, and hosts like never before – and be much more than a time drain from your audioshow. In this session two audio-social professionals will share their insights and recommendations for audiohosts to cut through on social using your own shows core characteristics. 

Finding the next generation of radio superstars – strategies and successes you can learn from 

How do you find the right talent for your station? How do you train and retain your young audio broadcasters at your station? In a increasingly competitive media landscape, where everyone is looking for talent, how do audio broadcasters attract the right talent for audio. In this session 3 professionals will share their practices, strategy and experience in this area with you. 


Summit Producers: Nessa McGann, Felicia Jackson, Christel Higraff, Peter Niegel



About our Partner for Radiodays Europe Next Gen Summit – THIS

THIS is an annual media festival in Aarhus, Denmark taking place in November. A platform for storytellers to share fantastic stories within the fields of streaming, series, games, film, television and immersive technologies. We bring together visionaries across industries and diverse audiences to celebrate the power of storytelling –

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