Radiodays Europe Women kicks off #RDE22


Siobhan Kenny used to be the boss of Radiocentre, the industry body for commercial radio in the UK, and she is now a consultant. She opened the Radiodays Europe Women session by talking about her career and what she’s learnt. She spent time promoting diversity and increasing the reach of the organisations she worked for, pushing against the “male dominated” environments she was in. Her tips: Work hard, enjoy yourself, create your own luck and be kind!  
Roșie Kendrick, from Radiodays Europe, then hosted a Q&A with two other speakers. She interviewed Daria Suvorova, Host of the Women Authors of Achievement Podcast in Germany, who spoke about how she set up her podcast…
“Your mind is worrying, but your hands are doing”
Daria didn’t know how to make a podcast but she knew she wanted an edgy product that was open to everyone. So, she just made it. She invited the guests she wanted, she made it sound like she wanted it to sound, and she made it look like she wanted it to look. And then, as it started to become something, the energy Daria got from making the podcast just took over. What a journey!
Hannah Russell, from  Mags Creative in the UK, then joined the stage. She talked about her podcast business….
“We were able to write the rules as we went along” 
Hannah’s podcasting journey is fascinating and was really fast moving. She started in online branding and marketing, moving with the market and launching her own podcast company after selling her first business. 
Now, with several successful podcasts under her belt, she has some words of wisdom for potential podcasters. She thinks that everything you do needs to be aligned to a greater purpose and set of career goals. She thinks that sound quality is key. And she believes in the idea of being able to deliver and receive feedback on everything she does at Mags Creative. 
At the end of the session, the group came together to take questions from the audience. Their message: Find your own team and support other women around you. Lift yourself up and lift others around you too. And, importantly, do the things that give you energy, and don’t do things that don’t… 

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