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Radiodays Europe is pleased to announce an initiative to create greater connections for women attending Radiodays Europe 2018 in Vienna. Become a supporter of Radiodays Europe Women and join our network of women from around Europe and the world #RDEwomen.

Gender equality is still an issue in radio in most places. At the moment equality for women in radio is hitting the headlines, especially closing the gender pay gap. Whatever the situation in your station or your country, Radiodays Europe should be a place where we try to get as many female voices heard. With this in mind we will keep pushing get more women on stage! If you would like to make suggestions  to the RDE Programme Committee (which is, we are happy to say made up of a mix of 50% men and 50% women) to find more women in radio to join us on stage, please send your suggestions to

Currently the attendees at Radiodays Europe are more male than female, reflecting the inequality in today’s radio industry. Interestingly however, at this year´s Radiodays Europe Podcast Day event held in Copenhagen, about 50% of participants were women and we saw many more women on stage, including to name a few; Helen Zaltzman, Producer of the multi-award winning podcast «Answer me This!» and «The Allusionist», UK; Leslie Merklinger, Senior Director of Audio Innovation, CBC, Canada; Ruth Fitzsimons, SVP International Operations & Content Partnerships at AudioBoom, UK; Claire Tonti, Creative Director at the independent podcast company Planet Broadcast, Australia and Elisabeth Lane, Reserch Manager Multiplatform, BBC, UK.  There have been a number of articles in press on this topic recently and it seems to be that women are attracted to Podcasting due to the freedom it offers in terms of content, creation and without the restrictions traditional radio can put on women’s issues.

As Radiodays Europe includes sessions on all important radio topics ‘Women in Radio’ is something that we feel strongly about. At this year’s Radiodays Europe we are providing a platform for women to come together to discuss issue across the radio industry which affect them. If you would like to become a supporter of this initiative please click on the link below, further information will follow on what will be happening in Vienna 2018. 

Become a supporter of Radiodays Europe Women here.

Register to attend Radiodays Europe, Vienna, 18-20 March 2018 here.

*Please note if you are a man who is involved in women’s issues in radio or would like to recieve information or support this initative you are more than welcome, please do not feel excluded, Radiodays Europe Women is open to all!

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