RDE Session Focus: Follow the Podcasters leading the way


Last year Radiodays Europe ran the first Radiodays Podcast Day in Copenhagen, this was a fantastic day with a fast paced look at the world of podcasting. It was a day of learning that the Podcast Wave continues to gather momentum and that this new area of radio is in the ascendance.

Therefore in Vienna we are continuing to bring the world of Podcast into focus with the sessions dedicated to Podcasting (we are sure that podcasts will be discussed in other sessions as well). On the programme we have a session on the future of podcasting, on sports podcasts, a look at a political and very personal podcasts with the hosts of the podcasts as your guide to their experiences. If you are in any way interested in Podcasts these are sessions for you:

Podcasting – where is it going?

Tom Webster (Edison Research, USA) and James Cridland (Managing Editor, Podnews, Australia)

Podcasting is getting stronger every single year and constantly attracting new listeners. Is it making an impact in your market yet? This session will bring you the latest research and overview of all the key podcasting trends around the world. What works and how do they make money, if indeed they do? From iTunes to Audioboom and from Acast to Audible – what’s it all about and where is it going?

“Nancy” – Finding the balance

Kathy Tu and Tobin Low (The Nancy show, WNYC Studios, USA)

Nancy is a queer show, and it is also a very personal one. Not only do co-hosts Kathy Tu and Tobin Low share their friendship with the audience, they also share very personal stories from their lives. From coming out with language barriers to a lifetime of body image issues, Kathy and Tobin don’t hold back. And neither do the characters and stories on the show. After more than 30 episodes of their podcast, Nancy has struck a delicate balance between creating a show that feels very authentically Kathy and Tobin while at the same time providing a platform for other voices and stories to also be authentically themselves.  Nancy has been named among the best podcasts of the year by TIME magazine, Entertainment Weekly, Esquire, and The Guardian.

Podcasts: Doing sport differently

Sport has always been a staple of commercial and public radio, but with rights costs increasing and tighter formats replacing broader radio stations, has radio abandoned it to new audio platforms, and specifically podcasting?

We’ll hear from the creators of three successful sports podcasts, who’ve all found a different way of engaging with sports fan and growing new businesses.

Reasons to be Cheerful – a politician and DJ’s podcast adventure

Ed Miliband (MP, ex-leader of Labour, UK), Geoff Lloyd (Presenter and writer, UK)

Does a politician need a broadcaster to get in the way of reaching the voters and what happens when a previously top-rated presenter leaves his radio station behind?

Geoff Lloyd, a popular national radio presenter, ended up interviewing the leader of the UK’s Labour party – Ed Miliband – as part of the 2015 election campaign. They got on well, and when Geoff took a break from his radio show he asked Ed if he fancied doing a podcast with him.

The podcast- Reasons to Be Cheerful – has topped the iTunes chart in the UK and has been engaging listeners directly with policy ideas presented in an informal self-deprecating way. Combing comedy, great guests and a modern way to talk about politics, find out what the show has taught its two hosts.

And more…

Radiodays Europe will once again be running it’s Podcast Day in Copenhagen on 12 June 2018. For more information go to the website: www.radiodayseuropepodcastday.com further information on registration for Podcast Day will be released during Radiodays Europe Vienna 2018. 

If Podcasting is not your thing make sure you check out the rest of the Radiodays Europe programme to find your area of interest and Register for Radiodays Europe today!

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