RDE Session Focus: The world’s greatest music: What we can learn from classical music radio


This year with Radiodays Europe being in Vienna it was an obvious choice for us to dedicate a session to classical music. Vienna is a truely inspirational city in terms of classical music and there is a lot to learn about music in general from classics but how do you get today’s audiences into a genre which many find difficult. We have some of the leading lights from classical stations speaking in this session including; Susanna Arpi (DR, Denmark), Elke Tschaikner (ORF, Austria), Els De Baets, (VRT, Belgium). 

Session title:

Vienna is sometimes called classical music capital of the world.  In this session, 3 formats will demonstrate innovative solutions all radio stations can use to attract difficult to reach audiences, using great radio formatting. From P2 Denmark a case on how to stay relevant using storytelling and a mix of music genres. Klara from Belgium will demonstrate their unique user segmentation tool “Klarafy”, which can translate modern music into classical music. Finally Ö1 from Austria which has won awards for its innovative regularly scheduled music programming.

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