RDE Speaker Profile: Jonas Gülstorff, Host, Songwriter

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Jonas Gülstorff is host of the weekly radio show Songwriter, a unique and original concept focusing on the actual process of writing a song. Jonas determines the line-up and acts as producer, writes a song in just two hours in collaboration with a well-known and recognised Danish artist (Oh Land, Aura, Infernal, Mette Lindberg from Asteroid Galaxy Tour, etc.); they then perform the song live on air at the end of the two-hour radio show.

Themes and instruments change to reflect the new guest every week, thus resulting in very different outcomes. The topic or theme is suggested by the listeners, handpicked by the host and determined by the guest.

Songwriter is a radio programme in which the song-writing process serves as a tool to facilitate a unique interview that breaks the mould for a standard Q & A session. As a listener, you get a unique insight into the sacred and essential process of writing a song.  Songwriter is also a programme in which listeners can learn more about the technicalities of song-writing, such as the difference between a chorus, C-part and bridge.

The weekly guest exhibits considerable courage by putting himself/herself on the line, and by being transparent about their song-writing, in addition to which the host of the programme faces the challenge of writing a song and conducting a radio interview simultaneously.

Songwriter is also a programme in which the other songs played during the show are specially selected to complement the context of the topic or theme, to inspire the song-writing process and as a means of presenting the weekly guest’s back catalogue and latest material. 

Songwriter is broadcast every Saturday from 12:03 to 14:00 on DR P3 – For those of you with good Danish you can listen to Songwriter here

(Content taken from the bio of Jonas Gülstorff)

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