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The split of those attending Radiodays Europe is always pretty even, half come from public service broadcasters and half from the commercial side of radio. Making money has always been key in the commercial side of radio but now with budgets under pressure within PSBs making money from radio could be an area which all radio people have to start to think about. This year at Radiodays Europe we are bringing you sessions on how to make money, advertising and business, here is just a few of the session you could attend on these topics:

Show me the money

Dan Healy (Head of 2FM and Head of Radio Strategy for RTÉ)

Radio has always been a strong ‘call-to-action’ medium and this is even more true in a world where consumers regularly access brands online. Radio practitioners have also heavily invested in their multi-platform offerings that complement their core radio brand so there are now many key touchpoints for listeners to engage with their favourite station. Radio remains a powerful advertising tool and agencies which are leaving radio last on their plans, they’re missing out on key audiences for their advertisers.

Why Kool brands hate radio

Thomas Grabner (CEO, Kastner and Partners, Austria), Ralph van Dijk (Executive Creative Director, Eardrum, Australia), Bart de Kool (KFC, Netherlands)

It’s a fact. No matter how much compelling audience data, ROI rationale or free concert tickets radio stations throw at them, aspirational brands don’t feel at home on radio. In this session, Ralph van Dijk (Eardrum) goes toe to toe to toe with Thomas Grabner (Red Bull) and Bart de Kool (KFC) and tries to convince them that globally admired ideas like Red Bull Stratos with Felix Baumgartner, or KFC’s Celebrity Colonels could have been more successful, if radio was in the mix.

This will be a brutal and heated wake up call for radio, but you’ll see some of the world’s coolest advertising from Nike, Oreo and Beats By Dre… and walk away with enough ammunition to win over the biggest radio cynic!

Dear Advertising Industry, the answer to all your Programmatic concerns is… Digital Audio

Stuart Mays (Director of Commercial Strategy, Global, UK), Martin Baumgartner (Head of Business Development, Swissradioworld, Switzerland)

In this session, Stuart Mays will argue that advertisers are losing trust in Programmatic advertising & that consumers aren’t that keen on digital advertising either. Keith Weed (Global CMO Unilever) is threatening to pull advertising from Google and Facebook saying “we will prioritise investing only in responsible platforms that are committed to creating a positive impact in society.” Stuart Mays explores whether Digital Audio is THE answer to the industry’s concerns.

The reality is that buying and selling digital advertising inventory has changed dramatically in recent years. With programmatic advertising, brands and agencies buy inventory via an automated process. By using this data efficiently and effectively, they can target audiences with ads that are relevant to specific customer´s needs . FM has the privileged position to learn from other advertising platforms’ mistakes. So, which elements of the widely used buzzword “programmatic” exactly should FM radio focus on? 

Top 10 radio promotions

Niall Power (Head of station sound, Beat 102-103, Ireland)

With so much entertainment competition for Generation X and Y, radio stations have had to become leaders in multiplatform content. One of the key elements is the creation of unique, quirky promotions which excite the listener and are attractive to advertisers – a winning combination!  In this session, Niall Power from the multi award winning Irish regional radio station Beat 102-103 will showcase ten of the best multi-platform promotions executed in the last 12 months. If you’re in charge of or are part of a team at your radio station who helps devise radio station promotions then you won’t want to miss this entertaining session.

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