Save time scheduling & planning with AI


In most European countries, the processes of media planning and scheduling ad breaks involve a lot of tedious manual work which ties up many people.

At Radiodays Europe, audio CC will give exclusive insight into its innovative technology which equips radio stations with the capability to automate and optimize most of these manual processes. Radio stations can save up to 90% of the time spent on these processes.

In their session, audio CC will give a presentation of its software showing how it automatically creates media plans based on parameters set by the user and allows them to directly book a campaign while considering inventory availability.

You will see how the software automatically generates ad breaks, taking spots from all booked campaigns and arranging them in accordance to rules set by the user concerning acceptable ad break sequences.

By automating the buying and planning processes, audio CC will lay the foundation for more flexible campaign setups. The software can also make changes to a campaign after it is booked. For example, if a new customer books a campaign with a fixed spot laydown, and you have many flexible campaigns already booked, the system will automatically move spots around according to the flexibility set for each campaign. This way you will make the best use of your limited inventory and you will be able to sell more air time.

The session is scheduled on Monday, 1 April at 14:45 in conference track 4 (STCC room number 5, Garden level) – Sponsored Advert

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