Session Spotlight: Smarter production to scale up on audience reach

Have you ever asked yourself how your brand can show presence across an ever-growing multiverse of audience platforms WHILE keeping the amount of resources sustainable?

We have 6 speakers in this session from around the world that have done this successfully by finding smart ways to create platform-fitting content and they are bringing their case studies along.  Hear from Andrew Davies, Manager of Digital and Audio Content Development, ABC; Camille Bondeville, Co-founder and Co-managing Director of Salt and Pepper; Giedrius Masalskis, Head of Radio at LRT; Alison Broddle, Senior Director of Audio and Podcasting at CBC; Sam Bonham, Senior News Editor at BBC and Frizz Lauterbach, Digital Lead of Bayern 1 and Bayern 2.

They will not only share their secrets but you will have the opportunity to actively engage in this discussion.

This session has been powered by our Gold Sponsor, David Systems, an enterprise software company in Audio, specifically developing production and playout software for broadcasters.

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