A Sound Future – first programme ready for Amsterdam 2017


A Sound Future – first programme ready for Amsterdam 2017

Radiodays Europe is happy to announce it’s preliminary programme with a glimpse of some of the topics at Radiodays Europe as we are announcing the first 30 sessions of the programme.

It is about ‘A Sound Future’ – both for radio and the growing audio market, with new players entering the audio business. And the digital challenges that rapidly are changing the way people consume information and entertainment and the disruption of present business models.

It is about radio´s future, but also about sharing experiences from the best of radio today. Success stories, digital advances, journalism, new research and business models, from across the world.

And last, but not least, about inspiration from some of the greatest award winning radio producers and the visions of leaders of radio broadcasters.

The first sessions are at this point announced in no particular order. The full conference programme will be ready by the end of January, with a total of 50+ sessions and over 120 speakers in 4 session tracks.

On top of that Radiodays Europe is offering other activities, like networking speed-dating (Too Fast & Too Curious), in-depth workshops (more details to follow in 2017), the Radio Night Party and experience the leading European radio show of exhibiting radio businesses.

We are very excited about the speaker line-up so far for Radiodays Europe. The new speaker announcements underline our ambition this year to include both the most interesting speakers from radio in Europe and overseas, as well as the new audio market of podcasting and streaming, and interesting speakers from other businesses outside radio, from whom we can get inspired about storytelling and audience engagements, digital developments or new revenue, says Anders Held, Co-founder and Manager of Radiodays. 

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