Speaker Profile: Manoush Zomorodi, Note to Self


What does an award winning podcast sound like? Manoush Zomorodi, the host of the award winning podcast, Note to Self, is coming to Radiodays Europe 2017 in Amsterdam to talk to our audinece about how she has taken a ‘tech show about being human’ to dizzying heights.

So what does a ‘tech show about being human’ mean? This is the question Manoush poses each week while she searches for the answer to ‘life’s digital quandries’. At first thought a ‘digital quandry’ seems a rather difficult concept, however as a base for the show it pioneers topics of the day including digital overload, sexting and security issues of in the digital age. Using a mix of experiments, conversations and research with both experts and listeners a picture is woven of problems and answers in this podcasting which is break ground. 

This year the issue of information overload was the focus of a massive, 30,000 people, interative project, Infomagical. “Each Monday through Friday, Note to Self will send out a daily challenge — a task designed to cut through information overload and help you think more clearly” participants are walked through a series of digital tasks to help them reduce informaiton overload. 

This use of the latest technology to talk about the problems with technology are part of the reason why Manoush Zomorodi has won numerous awards, she has written a book on a 2015 project called Bored and Brilliant about the relationship between phones and creativity and appears as a regular fill in for shows on WNYC. As the popularity of podcasts continue to grow Manoush will talk about how she is using our own dependance on digital is driving our use of digital and what that means.


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